Nonprofit Camp Flyer

Working at a nonprofit before, I understood that sometimes the budget was either really low or non existent for all things marketing. And that’s where you have to get creative! Let me know what you are working with and I will find a way to help your nonprofit out!

This client needed a flyer for a camp they were going to put on. The brief was simple: Something that wasn’t boring!

So I did research. I looked at Shanghai Design Week’s graphics. Their design offered energy and vibrancy. I really enjoyed the movement they had created. So, I went with that as a reference & inspiration for my initial draft. Keep in mind this draft never made it to my client. It started to feel a little too retro, a little too video gamey for me. Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 1.01.03 PM

After much consideration, I went back to my client’s website for branding purposes. Instead of pink, a very stereotypically girl color, I choose their brand’s red with blue highlights. The client loved it and after a few tweaks, we came up with this:
Payne Rough Draft 4

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