Fundraiser “Birthday Card”

This non profit needed a birthday card created to commemorate 40 years of existence, as well as commemorating the 40 homes built in the community they serve. These cards were mailed out to a targeted demographic along with a donation slip.

I researched different art styles from the 1970’s and even the late 60’s to determine the design. I was heavily influenced by Jon Alcorn’s Pepsi ad, though created in the 1969, still captured the high energy I wanted to bring to the table.

John Alcorn, Pepsi Ad, 1969 (via).jpeg
John Alcorn, Pepsi Ad, 1969

I quickly learned the 70’s were about more earthy tones, in response to the quagmires of war & economical standing of the time; definitely a departure from the more psychedelic 60’s.


I came up with this as my final product: Birthday Card.png

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