Community Event Flyers

I was super excited to collaborate on this project. This New York City client needed flyers to help spread awareness to their community event, and they were pleased to learn I was able to promise their work in both English & Spanish in my initial proposal.

I wanted to deliver something colorful & eye catching, yet fun and approachable, so I concluded with fun veggies to g along with the sustainable diet theme. The client felt it was too distracting. “It’s too busy, we need something more minimal.”

Rough Draft 1 - Christopher CR Sustainable Flyer
So after some further research, I went with minimal lines.  The client finalized the design and asked for multiple versions of the flyers: Spanish, English, B&W & Color. This is how the final 8 versions turned out:

I do have to say the biggest challenge with this was figuring out how to present these files as editable microsoft word files — not the most straightforward thing to do from illustrator. But, because you’re reading this I’ll tell you what I did. Please note, don’t trust the export to Word function in illustrator (it doesn’t work very well).

The key is to export your file as a .PNG, leaving the desired fields you want to be editable blank. Once you’re in word, just place in the document as an image (set to behind text, with no alignment applied on it). Next drag in desired text boxes to where you need it to be changeable & viola! You have an awesome kick ass flyer with editable fields that many hands can edit with ease (And without your original flyer design / text being altered).

So if you need something in a particular format or for a particular purpose, I will work with you on getting that done. : )

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