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I’m Roy Quismundo and welcome to Mundo Creative!

I’m based out of the Alamo City – San Antonio, Texas. When I’m not involved in my projects you can find me writing yelp reviews in my favorite cafe, trying new foods or exploring the SATX metroplex.

Growing up traveling in a military family ignited my passion in storytelling. I’ve experienced so many different interactions from all across the world opening my eyes to the stories of others. From the pastor in Korea who helps run an orphanage for disabled children to the fishermen in the Philippines trying to make ends meet, my regret was not capturing their story.

I received my degree in mass communication and public relations focused in digital media, with a minor in theatre, from Texas State University. My degree helped translate my passion into seeing how brands can better communicate themselves today in the digital landscape. I’ve been involved with Yelp San Antonio, VoiceBox Media & Comal County Habitat for Humanity in telling their story.

Identifying as a Colombian-Filipino-LGBT American, I often think a lot about my specific intersectionality and what that means for information that is widely spread. In this age in digital technology and media, diversity and respect is important. I strive to make sure the branding I’m working on not only is on point to client, but representative of the diversity that exists in our marketplace.

Some say I’m a jack of all trades with my skills in graphic design, marketing, event planning, public relations, video production and social media, but ultimately I tell them I’m just a storyteller at heart.

Give me your voice and I’ll tell your story.

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